About Us

July 4, 2016

Our Concept

IMG_5409Our concept is simple, to create delicious eats that offer up a variety of flavors and delectable goodies that everyone can enjoy. Started as a dessert café in Ang Mo Kio, we keep with the same or similar atmosphere of that of some of the other cafes and shops springing up along the sleepy stretch on Ang Mo Kio Ave. Our menu is as diverse as our own personalities, but we welcome our guests with an inviting environment and décor style that makes you feel right at home. Our concept is to make sure you are happy every moment you’re in our café.

The owner envisioned a raw space where he could create practical honest food &
hence the tagline “practical food creation” and the name as a workbench is defined as:
1. a bench at which practical work is done.
2. a table at which an artisan works


How it started

IMG_5442The Workbench Bistro was born out of a vision to create honest, practical and delicious foods and drinks. Today we offer a diverse menu that includes everything from ice cream waffles to buffalo wings and beyond. We aren’t afraid to make sure our customers are 100% satisfied when they leave our dessert café in Ang Mo Kio. We started Workbench Bistro as a creation of our vision, and today that vision is brought to life by our delicious menu offerings and attractive café. By utilizing our artisan skills, we create enjoyable foods that will satisfy your taste buds.